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Mock where where mocking is due…

Several weeks ago, I discussed with a co-worker about using an Open Source ESB tool for some of the things we are doing at work.

That co-worker then proceeded to suggest it to his manager.

That manager then proceeded to suggest it to other managers.

Then one of the other managers then critisizes him for suggesting we use open source… because we wouldn’t be able to get support for it.


ok – no one is even gonna understand this…  you’re a nerd for even reading this.

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The Cereal Conundrum

(Posted on behalf of Pip)

I bought two boxes of cereal at CVS on my way in this morning.  I got to work and only had 1.  Either I left it at the store or it fell out without me noticing.  And it was the Cinnamon Toast Crunch one too


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Not bow

KFC bacon and cheese sandwich with chicken as the bread!


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people who feel they are “entitled”.

New Computer

My parents finally bought a new computer and after hooking it up my Dad hit the CD/DVD eject button, so he can start installing software…nothing happens. He pulls down the door to peer in at the drive, yeah it’s sitting about an inch and a half back. After opening it up, we discovered that it was never screwed in. BOW!


yeah, i know.  shitty picture.

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Sunday Work…

After working 14 hours on Saturday, then having to work another 8+ hours on Sunday…  I don’t even know what time I’ll be done… maybe as late as 10p… maybe as late as midnight… wtf.


Saturday work

I worked 14 hours today. It’s Saturday. Damn bob Evans job.


Damn Girl Scouts and Their Cookies

Ever since i saw this commercial, and they come door to door selling cookies, all I can think of is GET THE THIN MINTS!!!

Guess how many boxes of thin mints I got now…


Not Bow – Lunch



i fucking hate printers. just print? why aren’t you printing? just eat the god damned paper and put ink where i ask you to. don’t eat 4829 pieces of paper, don’t streak ink everywhere, no “pc load letter”. FUUUUCK